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So... I am not dead. the Spn fic Weapon of Choice isn't either. Really. *quit looking at me like that!*

What's more I wrote a chapter. A short one though. It will be betaed and posted within a few days probably.

Now the changes to the story. Since I left it hanging for so long I lost the feel for the action. And I always had a problem with the transit from what is going on now to what was going to happen in the end. So in a desperate effort to save the story and have it done I am changing the flow of things.

Now the story will be cut into three parts: Book I, Book II and Book III acording to time skips.

Book I "Premonition" : Prologue and Chapter 1

Book II "Destination" : Chapters 2 - 22

Devil's Due - it's about what happened to Sarah and the child while everyone was gone
Gravity of Hope - original characters, Marakaj, Sorcerer, loosely connected to Sarah and the High Families

Book III "Revelation" : everything up from chapter 23

The next chapter will start approximately 9 months later and will explain the missing bits through a series of flashbacks.

There might be a few sidestories dealing with Sam dusirng the time when he was away from his family but that will depend mostly on response from readers, all of them very short

Now what got me inspired to write Sam/Dean again? I read a lot of manga, mostly yaoi (slash) and there was this one shot from Yoneda Kou "NightS" ... that was something so hot and the interaction between characters reminded me of the Winchester brothers as I see them in the story so much it just blew my mind. I will have to credit the author probably because the main idea is hers after all.
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