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hi, first of all sorry for not posting anything for so long. I do have a good excuse though.
I have to finish my thesis by 20th, and it's not easy. originally I was mostly done by the end of May, but then my proffessor decided that no, she doesn't like it and refused to accept 30% of the thesis. I was so angry - fuck, but she could have told me earlier! She had two freaking months to decide! Why did she do it when there was no time left????? So now I have been writting like crazy, to the new idea she demanded of me and hating it. hating. hating, hating... you get my drift, right?

anyway if, and it's a BIG if, I manage to write it and give it to het on 20th (and proving she will freaking accept it this time) I will have more time to write.

I have decided on most of the last chapter, I mentioned I had real problems with starting it.

Also - quite an important development - the last ending of Weapon of Choice will be a sort of introduction to my original fic. To ease the numerous plot bunnies I will probably post a few short ficlets about my original character.

also more back story on Marakaj :)

anyway just wish me well on the writing. gah, I'm start to loose my hope.


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