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It turns out I have too much stories written and the archive post became too long, so I decided to organise the archives somewhat.
Here is an archive of fiction written for various anime/manga:


Dawn: AU, s-f: He never planned on coming back…
Pairing: Gojyo/Hakkai, AU, sequel to Psion by [personal profile] freeradical9. NC-17


Guilt: Some days Hijikata can barely stand looking at Okita...
Pairing: Hijikata/Okita, PG-13, implied underage sex.

LOVELESS                    (anime, written 2007-2008)

Loose myself: Ritsuka POV. The boy watches Soubi and wonders about the man’s relationship with pain.
light Soubi/Ritsuka
Rating: light R

Cat's-paw arc:
A story told in a series of drabbles, ficelets and short scenes. It's Soubi/Ritsuka implied, other pairings along the way: Soubi/Kio, Seimei/Ritsuka, OC. Spoilers for volume 9

What if Ritsuka made a deal with Seimei? His brother leaves Soubi and his friends alone and Ritsuka gets his chance to save Seimei in exchange for leaving cauntry with him for four years.

01: The Deal - Ritsuka, Seimei, PG
02: Atonement - Ritsuka, OC, PG
03: Chains - Ritsuka, PG-13
04: Reality - Ritsuka/Seimei, PG-13
05: Betrayal - Ritsuka/Seimei, R
06: Realisation and Cruelty - Ritsuka, OC, PG-13
07: Ghost - Soubi, Kio, PG
08: Blood - Soubi, Kio, R
09: Fear - Soubi, Kio, R
10: Relief - Soubi, Kio, PG-13
11: Enemy - OFC, Seimei, PG-13

TSUBASA RESERVIOR CHRONICLES   (anime/manga written 2007)

Mirrors series: a series of drabbles, rating PG-13 attempting to show the differences and similarities in Fai's relationship with Ashura and then Kurogane.
Fai/Ashura: part 1
01: Care
02: Dissapointment
03: Worry
04: Love
05: Choices

Fai/Kurogane: part 2

07: Care
08: Rejection
09: Marks
10: Reflection

Mirrors 03: Hunger  -  Kurogane/Fai, Ashura, PG-13
11: Hunger 

 VIEWFINDER   2008/2009

The Karma series, a littel AU-ish look at an older Akihito that grew into a man that refuses to be submissive to others. Karma is about trying to find peace and balance between very temperamental people sharing a terrible history together. Various pairing, maybe even a threesome at the end :)

The Edge -  Akihito, PG
The Play - Fei Long/Akihito PG-13
The Heat - Fei Long/ Akihito NC-17


Bleeding Skies: summary:
Treshold - Sephiroth/Cloud, R, post AC, Cloud is slipping away, Sephiroth comes back.
Calling part 1 - Sephiroth/Cloud, R, direct continuation of Threshold. Like it or not, he needed the blond. So now that he had acquired the boy, he was going to make sure to bind him in all the possible ways.
Calling part 2 - R, Sephiroth/Cloud, Cloud/Yazoo, "Why do you fight us? Sephiroth has Called and you did respond"
Bonds - NC-17, Sephiroth/Cloud/Yazoo, "He was so tired of fighting"
Dawn - R, Cloud, Yazoo "It was not happening."
Going Under
- NC-17, Sephiroth/Cloud, "The man expected to be worshiped.
07: Beasts - PG, Yazoo, Turks, "The Turks were being herded just where he wanted them." 
0xx: *Memory - Yazoo, Sephiroth/Cloud (not done yet)

Calling Interlude - Caught between need and hate, Yazoo can only watch. PG-13, Present timeline.
Want - Cloud, Zack, pre Nibleheim. Zack talking about Sephiroth, PG
Trust - Wutai War, Zack crosses invisible line with Sephiroth and both of them have to deal.
Care: Zack, Sephiroth, Cloud, PG-13. After Angeal’s death Zack needs comfort, but that is not something Sephiroth was trained to give.
Untouchable - Sephiroth, pre Nibleheim.Sephiroth might have been a trained beast, but he was still a beast and encroaching on his territory was bound to have an effect.
Tresspassing -Zack/Cloud, pre-Nibleheim, R. He never expected Zack to kiss quite like this. pre-game
- Kunsel, Zack, implied Sephiroth/Zack, PG-13, Wutai, "What do you see in him?" (done, being betaed)
Secrets - Sephiroth, Tseng, implied Zack/Cloud, Sephiroth/Zack, PG-13, "Playing with fire" pre-game
Purity - Rufus, Tseng, implied Sepniroth/Zack, R, "Those two live on borrowed time and they know it." pre-game
Cracks - Cloud/Vincent, beastly themes, Vincent finaly looses it and Cloud is there to pick up the pieces. NC-17, post game.
Sunset - Sephiroth/Zack, R, about the
only promise Sephiroth made to Zack, one he kept. Pre-game

Total word count: 26.761 so far

EDIT: remember that most of my adult rated fics are friends locked. If you want to be addedd just leave a comment with you date of birth.
EDIT2: I'm working on an alternate archive in
insanejournal, it's going to be open.
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