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“Turn Around”
Pairing: Logan/Remy
Disclaimer: sniff, sniff… I do not own them… sniff, sniff… Marvel does. Sniff…
Rating: NC-17 (lets be realistic. Did I ever wrote something that wouldn’t be of this particular rating?)
Summary: You can forgive, but can you forget?
Warnings: Slash? Graphic m/m sex? Kinky clothes? Neh….
Series: Last in the series of “When the madness stops” and “Black Roses” (or at least I hope so!)

Lyrics: “I love to see you cry” Enrique Iglesias
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Black Roses

Disclaimer: X-men belong to marvel, Dominique and Michael are MINE!!!!!
Rating: NC-17 M/M (and what did you expect?!)
Pairing: Logan/Remy Remy/OFC/OMC
Warnings: Angst. Sex. Threesome.
Series: sequel to “When the madness stops”
Summary: Logan comes back from his month long absence willing to make things work with Remy but one can't hurt the Cajun and go unpunished.
Author notes: I know it lacks the climate of the previous story but I couldn’t seem to get in the right mood. Dominique and Michael are my favorite characters. I wrote actually two stories about them – very loooong ones. To explain why Remy feels the special aura around the pair. Michael was an assassin that was trapped in other world for over 200 years and when he returned to our world he became an Interpol agent. Dominique is the love of his life – an assassin also. She possesses some special shaman skills. Just to warn you. They may occur in my other stories. I just love to play with them.

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Edit: my second fic ever! Gah!

Disclaimer: If they were mine I would chain them to my bed and never let them go.
Fandom: X-men
Rating: NC-17 M/M (and what did you expect?!)
Warnings: Angst. Sex.
Series: Prequel to “Black Roses”
Summary: Two men that don’t want to face their desires and a sleepless strange night.
Author notes: It just came over me after reading some Rictor/Shatterstar fics. This is the first in a short series. In this fic Antarctica never happened, Remy broke up with Rogue and is not ready to accept a new lover.

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