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I decided to post single drabbles now, much like my Cat's paw universe

Mirrors 03: Hunger


The split-second flash of the long sword was the only warning that Kurogane was awake. The ninja stilled with the edge of his blade pressed into the vulnerable flesh under Fai’s chin.

The blond sat astride him, the odd, girly nightclothes worn in this odd world making him look thin and fragile and ethereal.

Kurogane was silent, his arm steady and the blade biting into the unprotected flesh in warning.

“What are you doing here, Ashura-oh?” Kurogane could see the difference in the damn mage clear as day. That creepily gentle presence inside of the idiot mage was like sand in his food, gritting along his every senses. 

The blond smiled gently, not the disgustingly fake, cheerful grin from before, but a mild, gentle one, a little melancholy twist of his lips. There was a presence to this Fai that the Ninja could never mistake.

“It seems I can’t fool you.”

Kurogane thought about the picture they must make, so still in this darkened room, with him on his back, the blond straddling him in only the ridiculous night clothes, Souhi catching the faint moonlight and glinting sharply, pressed to the naked throat. And Fai, his hair loose, falling over his shoulders and face, half covering the unusually subdued eye patch, his sole golden eye staring at him with unknown purpose.

“You are not him,” said the Ninja simply. There was nothing more, nothing less to it. Just this.

The mage nodded.

“And yet, you are the only one to see the difference.” The blond shifted, pressing into Kurogane’s groin a little, forcing the Ninja to grit his teeth. One of the mage’s hands lifted up, the nails half transformed into blades. The tips of that wicked claw came to rest just under his eyelids. “There’s not much that can escape those eyes of yours, is there?” The king in the mage’s body murmured staring straight at Kurogane.

“What are you doing here?” Repeated Kurogane, uncomfortable and frustrated with their position, more than aware of the damage those claws could do.

The king smiled again, but it was pained this time. Pained and loving, a cruel twist of emotion reserved for only one person.

“That child is hungry. Yet he would rather starve himself half to death than ask for what he wants.”

Kurogane watched the way the elongated canines showed from between the pale lips and considered the tactical advantage now offered to him.

“Well, it seems there’s at least one thing that we agree on.” He said finally and shifted the sword so that it wasn’t pressed directly into Fai’s neck, but rested along their bodies.

Ashura-oh smiled again.

Kurogane would rather see Fai’s fake smiles any day than this melancholic, cruel grin on the mage’s face.


Kurogane didn’t need a prompt, just tilted his head to the side, exposing his neck even as the blond leaned closer and pressed his cold nose into his sleep warmed skin.

He didn’t flinch when the wickedly sharp canines pierced his neck.

He didn’t make a sound when he felt the first pull, the way the blond seemed glued to the wound, noisily sucking.

He kept his eyes open, fixed on the cracked ceiling, and his hand firmly clutched on Souhi as the Vampire drank his fill, swallowing noisily, probably for the first time since the change. The lithe body was even lighter than he expected, stretched like a quivering blanket on his chest. The mage was shivering violently, his clawed hands tearing deep gashes in the wooden floor, trying to satiate a hunger that could not be satisfied.

The end


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